Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another Peter Laing Joust

     With time on my hands I decided to try out some ideas on the game. I also wanted to try them with both the RISK and DINOWARS style rolls.  The field of battle was squared off with 1 inch squares. With the first game I would use the RISK roll. What's more, when a knight suffered a wound, he suffered that wound or wounds the rest of the game. They can only battle while between the tilt (the barrier). If not they had to around and start again. This never became a problem, although if I play again I will add to the tilt. Also maybe having different color dice for each knight would be less confusing. I found 6 different knight with different colors, so I just used the main color to name the knight.
Entering the lists: (on left) the silver, purple and red knights. On the right, the white, the blue and the black knights.

The silver and black knights joust first.

The black knight rolled the red dice(!); the silver knight the black.  The silver knight is dismounted! Here is why I think different colored dice for each knight is needed. In the game the knights entering from the left use black dice, from the right they use red dice. If the joust goes on for a few turns it gets easy to forget who should be rolling. Of course I have a paper to keep track of hits so a glance tells me who has what dice for that joust.

After the different rounds, the game comes down to the black knight and the white knight. Black has already fought twice, but suffered no wound. The white knight has suffered one wound and will battle with one less dice.

The first joust of the match: White knight has inflected two hits to the black knight. The next joust white got two more hits on the black knight, and became the Champion of the tournament.

I tried to use the DINOWARS rules for the tournament. After three passes there were still no wound to the knights.  This was going to make for a long game: I called it quits at this point. However, I decided to try DINOWARS for a melee battle.

The set up for the melee. This is a free for all. Below are some shots of the action.

At the end of the game only the red knight had been dismounted (by the black knight); the black, the purple, and the blue knight each had three wounds; the white knight two wounds; and the silver knight one wound. At this point did the black knight win, being the only knight to dismount another, or the white knight because he suffered the fewest wounds? If I ever was to play this again, a point system would have to be worked out, unless it's to the last man standing.

With the end of the melee game, the joust game will go to the back burner.


  1. John, there was a set of rules for games like this in one of the old Mil Modelling Manuals. Do you have that one? If not I will dig them out

  2. Ian, If it's not too much trouble I would love to see the rules. I just hope that this isn't going to draw me away from my ECW game. By the way, I got my copy of THE CIVIL WAR IN THE MIDLANDS and hope to get through it this week.