Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Purchase: Peter Laing Feudal and Dark Ages Figures

Last week I managed to win several lots of Peter Laing Feudal and Dark Ages figures. I am disappointed that I still haven't found my camera to get some shots of them. Luckily, Ian Dury was in contact with the seller, who graciously forwarded photographs of the to Ian. Ian, in turn, has shared them with me. Thank you again, Ian.

These lots added several hundred figures to my collection.

I dare say I believe this is going to put a stop to my ECW game for now. These figures have me thinking of my Hyborian game, or possibly a Crusaders game. Also, these figures go well with my Airfix castle.  They are great inspiration for more wargames.


  1. A great buy there.what rules are you proposing to use with them?

  2. I will probably start with my modified Battlelore rules. I might try to use ONE HOUR WARGAMES to test them out.

  3. Glad you liked the pictures and they are a great set of figures. I must take some more pictures of my latest Laing acquisitions, but I have been pre-occupied acquiring a train for my games.... More details and pictures to follow!

  4. I look forward to seeing your new PLs. Is there a particular train set you are looking for? I have seen on Ebay diecast trains by a company called Midgetoy that look like they would be good for wargames.