Monday, July 1, 2013

15mm Peter Laing Elephants

On Bob Condrey's wargaming miscellany blog, he was talking about his personal history with Peter Laing figures and the benefits of them to wargamers. While I just started collecting them in the last couple of years, I agree with his feeling for the figures.

In the comment section, Tim Gow tells how he especially likes the elephants, which one of his friends referred to as "angry mice"!  I must admit, I have never been big for ancients wargames, but when I got a pair of elephants like the one on the right, I spent a week trying to set up a wargame just to use the elephant.

This elephant I got with an artillery limber attached.

I wouldn't want to see an angry mouse like this coming across  my kitchen floor!


  1. Just about to update that Dropbox folder with more Elephants - and French in Egypt figures - all from the collection of my friend Barry Carter

  2. Ian, I can't wait to see them. I must admit although I don't use them in wargames much, the elephants and camel figures of Peter Laing are among my favorites. I also look forward to the French in Egypt photos. I have been planning for my next batch of molds, the first ones will be revolutionary French figures you sent me. I have been thinking of a Egyptian wargame from that period.