Friday, July 5, 2013

More to come on Peter Laing

   There has been a little uptick in interest in Peter Laing figures. While the iron is hot, I think I will try to download various lines of Peter Laing in the next couple of days. These will be shots of all different periods that I have.  I have started to go through the piles of boxes I have and started pulling out the first batch.


  1. HI So nice to see Peter Laing figures .I have Sudanese figures but sadly have lost my Fuzzy-Wuzzy's (sounds nasty put like that) .Do you know of anyone planning to market Laing figures again? Regards Barry

  2. I have a few of the Fuzzy-Wuzzys which I will try to post later. Unfortunately I do not know of any plans for the production of Peter Laings. I do know a couple of years ago someone tried tracing where the molds are, but the trail went cold (I believe it was Ian Dury who looked for them). One name was mentioned and I wrote that person, who told me he had sold them and mentioned another name, but nothing came of it. As you might have seen I do make my own molds but that is for personal use only (which still might be copyright infringement) and making them can be a real pain. One hope of mine is that the owner will find out some idiot (me) is making molds of Peter Laings and will reveal himself.