Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More of Ian Dury's 15mm Peter Laing Figures

On Bob Cordery's "Wargaming Miscellany" blog, there have been a couple of good posts in regards to Peter Laing figures. I have decided to shamelessly take advantage of this little burst interest to try to get a few more viewers. And what better bait than Ian Durys excellent figures to reel them in!

Three more shots of a Crimean wargame in progress.

Crimean War Highland Command

Crimean War Russian Command

An excellent model of a Crimean War Russian naval gun and crew.
Hopefully this surge in interest in Peter Laing won't be just a flash in the pan


  1. Sadly I can't claim credit for the actual painting on many of these figures - though I have re-furbished quite a lot and have re-based them all.

  2. Ian, even if you didn't paint them all, your photos show that a good paint job can more than make up for lack of detail.

  3. They look very nice! What rules are you using, please?

  4. Hi BigRedBat - for these games, I use Bob Cordery's 19th Century "Portable Wargame" rules, see the link below
    I also still use Principles of War (the figures are actually all based for these) and also some home-grown rules that I dreamed up with the chap who introduced me to PL figures back in 1976 or so!!

  5. Thanks Ian. I'm quite interested in grid based rules; there's a lot to be said for them! Cheers, Simon

  6. Good ploy! I confess to being an admirer of several of the PL ranges, esp Napoleon in Egypt. (I'll see your elephant and raise you a camel). If you want elephants without ancients, there's always Clive in India.

  7. Being a typical American, I have never really researched that period, Clive in India. I may, however, have to start going through some go my magazines to find out more. I will try to post some of Ian's photos of the French in Egypt. By the way, I have several versions of Peter Laing camels, some more of my favorites. I've posted some shots of them in the past.

  8. Hello Sir Great looking game:) Love the Grid idea:) Very well done. Thanks for posting. Dave in Va. USA

  9. I wish this was my game. Ian Dury sent me these photographs of his game. With my sudden rekindling interest in grid wargames, this terrain layout is worth looking at again.