Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Peter Laing Crimean War Figures

As I prepare to leave on vacation, I decided to do one more posting using Ian Dury's Crimean figures. hopefully I can make it to a used bookstore near the campground where we are going to. It has a very good collection of military history books. Last year I got two books on the Crimean War at that store.

Cardigan's "Cherrybums"


  1. Those pictures take me back thirty years or more. An old friend of mine had a Crimean Light Brigade from Peter Laing's figures.

    After his death his son kept them in order to pass on for his Grandchildren. He got rid of many more 'state of the art' figures because these seemed to have the most charm.

    I have enjoyed your post very much, thank you for taking the trouble to share these images.


  2. I'm glad you enjoyed them as much a I did. Of course the big "thank you" goes to Ian Dury for letting me post them.

    After reading your comment I went back and looked at the photos again. Your description using the word "charm" is a fitting one for these figures.
    Regards, John

  3. John (Preece) - I hope your friend´s grandchildren appreciate them - I have loved them since a friend first introduced me to them back in 1976!
    If you want to see more of my figures, have a look on Bob Cordery´s "Wargaming Miscellany" blog