Sunday, June 30, 2013

15mm Peter Laings by Ian Dury

   Since I started looking for Peter Laings, Ian Dury has been the biggest help in my quest. He has traded and donated figures to me. He also has loaned me rare figures to make molds of; all he asks in return is some sample of the casting and the master back as received. And if you enjoyed the posting of the Waldorf Astoria cigarette cards, you have Ian to thank.
  And now Ian has forwarded some great photographs of Peter Laings on the field of battle and some close-up shots of figures. What's more, he has graciously allowed me to share his photos with you.

A good shot of his terrain system, a system I might have to copy! The figures are Crimean War figures. I think for this blog I will make all the pictures large for your enjoyment.

From the British rear. 

It looks like the Light Brigade is on the move.

The Kaisers Imperial coach.  Ian did a great diorama of a German parade of this period.

Ian sent me 63 pictures; this is my favorite! This is why I love Peter Laings. If H.G. Wells had 15mm figures, I could see this band leading them into battle. By the way, I love the mustaches and sideburns.

As I mentioned, there are 63 photos in this series. As I recently haven't been doing much in the hobby, I will continue to download these photos. They certainly made me want to start work on them again.


  1. Really glad you liked the pictures - I will do some more in a couple of weeks time when we are back off holiday

  2. I'll look forward to them. They are a big hit, for this blog at least.