Friday, June 21, 2013

Great Buy on Toy Soldier Molds

It was one of those deals on Ebay that I don't even know how I found it. They were a set of 16 toy soldiers molds. The only thing is they weren't under "Toy Soldiers" but under "Vintage" molds.
 When I first started casting 30 years ago, these were some of the first molds  I was interested in buying. Over the years I bought six of these molds.  The first copy of "Little Wars" I bought had some of these figures on the cover and after seeing that, put in my mind the possibility of casting my own Little Wars army using these molds. I managed to win the the lot and it comes out to more than $4.00 per mold, and that's including postage! I got all the molds for the figures pictured below, along with 2 molds of interchangeable arms, and a rather risqué mold of a ACW camp follower. The arm on the running officer and the soldier with the axe is interchangeable.

Another set of molds I own have different heads for the British army of this period and I have experimented with using these heads with the bodies from these molds. I also have some assorted heads I got in an odd lot of toy soldier parts which might be useful.

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