Sunday, June 9, 2013

More 1880's Militia Uniforms

Shortly after my last blog, I went to one of my favorite blogs, Battle Game of the Month, and there was a new posting of Zinnbrigade marching soldiers in spiked helmets, but painted similar to dress uniforms of the United States army of the late 1800's, with some minor changes. This unit is for an "Imaginations" style wargame. And as I have the same molds and have thought along the same lines in the past, I figured to show more of the militia cards I have  just to show how colorful such an army could be.


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I saved the most extreme example for last.

A couple of years ago while looking for Zinnbrigade molds, there was a lot on Ebay which were plastic snap on  plumes in red and white. Now I wished I had bid on them!

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