Monday, November 4, 2013

First Series 15mm Minifigs Napoleonics

A couple of weeks ago on Ebay I found a nice lot of first series Napoleonics 15mm Minifigs. I got them at a great price and  a large number of two poses which I had been looking for; marching French infantry and what I believe is Prussian Guards infantry with a large plume. They could be Russian Guards; I could use them for either I suppose. There were also some Russian grenadiers and many other smaller amount of figures.

I also got a small collection of Prussian Guards lancers. With those I could make a nice Memoir of Battle or Battle Cry army.
Prussian (?) Guards infantry and Russian Grenadier.

Marching French infantry and drummer.

Prussian Guard lancer.


  1. Those bring a few memories back. I am surprised that they actually look better than I remembered. In fact I think they have exactly the right amount of detail for 15mm.
    I know people will look at the wonderfully painted AB 15mm and think I am mad. But the point is with these mini fig you get exactly enough detail to tell what the figure is, any more than that simply makes the figure blurred and indistinct when on the table.

    Not that I thought that 40 years ago when I got rid of mine. Anyway best of luck with the project.


  2. I also have quite a few Heritage 15mm Napoleonettes. They have more detail than the first series Minifigs. However, the way I paint them I feel that they reserve better an just a quicky coat of paint. Sometimes I think too much detail painting on figures actually makes them look worse than a simple paint job with no shadowing.