Sunday, February 10, 2019

New SAE Recruits

       I have been looking back at my blog and liked the look of the SAE wargames I've had. As I haven't done much with the hobby, I thought I would work on my SAE ACW figures. My collection have more Confederates than Union, so I decided to switch some of the Rebels to Union men.

    The only ACW cavalry figures I have are broken off their bases, and no artillery figures. I started to  look on Ebay for cheap cavalry figures. While going through the sales, there was a photograph of 11 SAE British Guards. The price wasn't bad so I started watching them. As the time was running out, I realized that there were more figures in this lot. There were a total of 34 figures total. The rest were WW2 figures painted like British 19th century soldiers. I bid and won the lot. One reason I wanted these figures was there were 4 figures that looked like they might  be Viet Cong figures. When I received them, I realized that they're British WW2 figures. And while I thought the rest were American figures, one is a WW2 German figure. All in all,  at .76 cents per figure, it was a great purchase.
New SAE Union recruits

The SAE ACW figures divided. These don't include Zouave figures that I have.

The newly purchased SAE figures.

The. WW2 figures of the lot.

The 4 British figures. I really like the mortar man.

The German infantryman with the Brits in the background.


  1. Replies
    1. Every once in a while you can come across good deals on Ebay.

  2. Nice catch. SAE figures have a charm of their own, but apart from the Spencer Smith reissues, they are quite rare over here in the UK.

  3. I think I started collecting them after seeing them in antique shops as a kid. I couldn't afford them but would dream of them. After seeing them in the old wargame books, I still try to buy them when I can.