Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tribal Warfare

       When I play No Brain Wargames, I have in mind some kind of tribal warfare, where warriors fight as individuals. After my last post, I started searching for books on tribal warfare. While I haven't had success yet finding books, I did find an interesting clip on Youtube of "Ritualized Warfare in New Guinea, 1963". Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to link it. However, it is an interesting video that shows what I visualize  my battles look like.


  1. This took me a while to work out too, not very obvious. To find the URL a link for a YouTube video to embed into your blog - Tap the arrow to share, tap again to copy link etc.

    Interesting video, more like a modern street riot with the dancing back and forwards to get in and out of range.

    In Miniature Wargames magazine in the 1980s there was an article on this sort of thing with tribal figures mounted on upturned beer bottle tops and moved / fighting by flicking Subbuteo football style. There was also in MW mag Howard Ugga Whitehouse's Rules for Caveman Prehistoric dinosaurs and tribal fights, a version of which are in print?

  2. Thank you for letting me know how to link the video. If I can actually figure it out I will edit this post.

    I have the copy of MW11, which you mention. The article is " Stone Age Wargames" by Andy Callan. I'm not sure how the game would play out solo, though it might be worth a try. I should see if I have the MW with the Caveman rules. I do know in my list of articles, there was one on Caveman wars.