Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Books and an Austrian- Ottoman Wargame

     Yesterday I went to the used bookstore that at the last visit had received a good selection of British Army books. Below you will see the volumes I bought. The book on "Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859-1908" was a great find that I almost missed. The plates are filling my head with visions of Peter Laing and 40mm figures painted toy soldier style with the uniforms in this book.

    I made it a point to leave myself time for a wargame. I had decided to use my Peter Laing Ottomans and WSS Austrians. After buying these books, I almost brought out my Peter Laing Victorian Parade figures, but in the end went with the Ottomans. For rules I used The Stronghold Rebuilt GNW version of "See the Elephant". I tried to use the rules as written, even using regular 6d dice instead of Battle Cry dice. I proved an enjoyable game, with some of his rules that I normally don't use playing a big part in this game.
The best find of the day. A large collection of color plates to give plenty of inspiration. Below is three pages of the plates.

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Another great book with the regimental badges and history  through WW2.
I finally saw most of the movie "Lawrence of Arabia". That, and a Man of Tin  wargame  based on a train ambush in the desert made me want to find out more about this part of WW1 history.

The two armies deployed. The Turks have three cavalry and three infantry units.  The Austrians have two cavalry and four infantry units.  I used the same size forces as I used in the last game.

The deployed Ottomans.

The Austrians deployed.

The Turkish cavalry kills two infantry, and the janissaries kill another Austrian.

With these rules, you roll 1 dice for each unit on the board . If you roll 4-6, you can activate one unit.  If you roll  1-3, the unit isn't activated, but if it has suffered losses, you roll 1 dice for each lost piece. For each  5 or 6 you roll, the piece "rallies" and the unit gets that piece back. One of the Austrian units has one piece rally, and it rejoins its unit.

The Austrian cavalry has no success against the Turks, but infantry fire kills two  janissaries.

The janissaries rally. The Turkish cavalry hits the Austrian cavalry in it's front.

The Austrian cavalry retreats.

The Austrian infantry push forward to try to divide the Turks.

The blue janissaries lose 2 men, but hold fast. One Turk cavalryman is lost and the unit falls back.

The Turks push their forces forward. The blue janissaries don't move, but rallies. In the upper right of the picture a Turkish cavalry unit can be seen. This unit eliminated one of the Austrian cavalry units.

The Austrian general sends his cavalry reserve across the back of the army. to protect again the Turkish cavalry that is now behind his line.

The Turkish cavalry behind the Austrian line attacks the Austrian cavalry, while all the janissaries push forward.

The Turkish cavalry drives es off the Austrian horse.

What's worse, the janissaries force one infantry unit to retreat, eliminates another infantry unit, and kills  an Austrian in the other unit.

The situation facing the Austrian general after this move. The Turks have yet to lose a unit. The Austrians flee the field.

The victorious Ottomans.  An army that needs to see more action. I am thinking of making a GNW Russian army, that could also engage the Turks.


  1. An interesting game with the Austrian units failing at the end.

    1. I've tried to find some information on different wars fought between the Austrians and Turks in the late 17th- early 18th century, with little luck. It seems like it would be an interesting period to wargame.

  2. That looks like an interesting set of rules; I must try them.
    Great haul of books too

    1. The rules play out well solo. As pointed out, there is the rally feature in this rule that seemed to work out well. It's the first time I've used it. There's a few more books in the collection I would like to get.

  3. Great collection of books and enjoyable battle.

    1. I was surprised to find such a lot of books on a subject I have such an interest in at this bookstore. However, this bookstore does have quite a large selection of military history books, and there's very few used book stores left in my neighborhood.

  4. Good finds! That Volunteer book would be a powerful source of temptation.

    1. Since getting this book, I have been thinking of trying to convert some of my Britains "B" series into the rifleman shakos. This book has many good ideas for uniforms, although of course a common pattern uniform is the "Home Service" style uniform.

  5. Great haul! Superb colour plates of volunteers. You might like Marvin's with lots of such uniform plates at

  6. Thank you for the tip on suburbanmilitbriam, Hopefully tonight I will have more time to view it. I did make sure to bookmark it. I have been searching in vain for another blog that I saw a few weeks ago. Sadly, it seemed to have few viewing but I found it an enjoyable blog; however I didn't bookmark it!

  7. You might also like Eastern Garrison blog and its 1897 campaign / figures and original Army plates

  8. I have been following the creation of the armies for his 1897 campaign. I also downloaded "The Great War in England in 1897" and started reading it after seeing it in his blog. I stopped reading as I wasn't getting into it. Perhaps I should give it another go; it would provide scenarios for both land and naval wargames.

  9. John

    As a book I didn't find it a rivetting read either, hacked up as a bundle of scenarios maybe more interesting. Lots more books like it available online or reprint paperback see

  10. I looked up the Wikipedia page on invasion literature. There was a few from the U.S. that I thought I might be able to use. Trying to find it online is a different matter. I suspect that they are not too good a read. I think Ross Macfarlane might have it right, using such things as the Fenian raids against Canada for inspiration.