Sunday, June 10, 2018

New Tanks for Interwar Gaming

     A few months back I saw a video on Youtube of the British Army using tankettes and  small mechanized units on maneuvers before WW2.  Watching the video I thought of what an actual battle between two forces armed the same might look like. It started me thinking of doing some interwar games.  With several other bloggers doing interwar gaming, there are plenty of good ideas for such gaming.

     What I really like about the interwar years are tankettes. Somehow I find the concept tanks that were made during the interwar years more interesting than the tanks designed during WW2. I was looking for tanks that might work for interwar gaming and with Peter Laing figures. I started  looking at Axis & Allies miniatures.Several gaming companies sell the tanks and figures individually. The prices tend to run on the expensive side, based on the "rarity" of the tank. However, I did find some early war tanks that could work for interwar games at a reasonable price.
Peter Laing figure compared to Japanese Type 97 TeKe tankette and Type 95 Ha-Go.

Italian L3/35 tankette  and Carro Armato M13/40.

Renault R-35 and Polish TKS tankette.

Micromachines Panzer Mk1, compared to the Axis & Allies tanks.

U.S. M3 Stuart.

I bought some other tanks, which were larger, and probably more to scale with 15mm figures (such as the Stuart tank).
As I "play" wargames, scale is not a high priority for me. 


  1. Those tanks look splendid with a 15mm figure. Are you planning on creating your own inter-war imagi-nations?

  2. I'm thinking of generic Red & Blue armies.Right now it's in the planning stage.I do plan to use some Peter Laing figures that I haven't used before, which means Some basing and painting before gaming.

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  4. A nice selection of inter war tanks, and good luck with your project.

  5. I used to have a large collection of Axis & Allies tanks, however none of them were early war tanks so I gave them away. I'm hoping these tanks will inspire me to proceed with this project.

  6. I also like the look of many of the interwar and early war tanks. Good job on finding some that will fit.

  7. There were some other tanks that would have worked well, but with some being as high as $17.99 each, that wasn't going to happen. I think the models I have now is more than enough for my plans.

  8. These tankettes look good and close to scale - some interesting Interbellum things on Bob Cordery's site

  9. Bob Cordery's Interbellum games are some of the inspiration for these tanks.