Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Work on Projects

       I mentioned earlier that I had made a couple of new molds. One was of Peter Laing Colonial  Indian infantry, which I thought would be good as opponents against my Colonial British figures. I also made another of Peter Laing Crimean British Guards and infantry advancing. Unfortunately, with the regular infantry figure, there was an air bubble right where the face should be, so the figure takes more work than it's worth to use it. The Guards rifle wouldn't fill; I did some work on it and now it looks like he's carrying a log. The Indian figure came out better and should be useful in future projects.

     After my last war-game involving the American War of Independence, I decided to paint a unit of American regulars. One good thing about the American Army from this period is the various uniforms. Being from Massachusetts, it seemed only fitting that the first unit would be of a Massachusetts regiment. I chose the 8th Massachusetts. The uniform is a pale blue with red facing. The blue is probably darker than it should be, and with a coat of lacquer it is even darker. However, I will keep it as is for now.
The Indian figures with a quick coat of paint.
The 8th Massachusetts.

A unit of militia. I do like these figures, as I think they would also work well for the War of 1812.


  1. Those old Minifgs do have a charm of their own.

  2. My first metal soldiers were 1st generation Minifig Napoleonics. After buying many other 15mm figures, I find I like the simplicity of the early 70's figures. They remind me of the first pictures I saw of wargames, before I knew even how to fight them.