Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AWI Wargame; Control the River

      Besides painting some more Minifigs AWI figures, I have worked on some terrain pieces, including assembling another stone bridge kit. The first bridge I put together as it was meant to be. However, the bridge has an arch in it that makes it hard to stand my single based figures on. This bridge I made flat in the center, which allows figures to stand better. I wanted to use both bridges in this game (we camped at Boston Minuteman campground and I've started reading a book about the Minutemen), with the thought of the battles of Lexington and Concord as a guide.

       In Neil Thomas' book ONE HOUR WARGAMES, scenario #3 fit what I had in mind. However, instead of fighting militia, the British would be facing the Continental Army.  I used the scenario in the book, where the goal is to control both river crossing. I also used his chart for the army composition. The British has 3 regular infantry units, 2 light infantry units, and 1 artillery unit. The Americans have 3 infantry units, 2 artillery units, and 1 cavalry unit. For rules I used the BATTLE CRY AWI variant that I used to fight my last game. This time I took out the original BATTLE CRY rules and did a quick study of the rules. I didn't use the battle cards; all units could move every turn.
The American army. From the left; the cavalry, the 8th Massachusetts, artillery, the general, another artillery unit,  frontiersmen, and the 12th regiment.

The British army. From the left, 42nd Highlanders (light infantry), Light infantry unit, General with artillery battery, 3 units of regular infantry.

As the armies approach each other, the American cavalry charge over the bridge, un supported.

The cavalry hits the infantry unit nearest the guns...

...and the infantry retreat. At this point I checked the rules. In other Borg rules, the cavalry usually have a followup charge. In the basic BATTLE CRY rules, I couldn't find any mention of such followup rules, so the cavalry couldn't  follow up their success.

Three infantry units turn on the cavalry, while the artillery continues to move to the front.

The cavalry loses 1/3 of their men and are routed.

The cavalry reforms on the American left. Their attack covered the advance of the army.

The British advance continues.
The americans finally open fire on the advancing British, with little success. Once again the Dragoons charge over the bridge.
On the British left, the Highlander fire makes the 12th Regiment retreat. On the right the combined fire from the British infantry eliminates the dragoons.

The British now engage the 8th Mass.

On the left, the combined fire from the Highlanders and light infantry makes the frontiersmen retreat.

The British now start storming the bridges. The Highlanders cross behind the light infantry, in order to position themselves to have targets to shoot at.

The maneuver of the Highlanders have a devastating effect on the light infantry. In BATTLE CRY rules, if a unit has no place to retreat to, they lose a man for every retreat roll. Both American units rally and attack the light infantry. They roll one "infantry" and two "retreat" rolls. With their retreat blocked by the Highlanders, they lose 3/4 of their unit. An amateur mistake on my part, although I  realized this might happen I risked the move (and paid dearly for it!). The 8th Mass, tries to hold the other bridge.
The American artillery fire kills one infantryman across the river.
The light infantry gets across the bridge. The Highlanders return to their original position  and fires on the 12th, who quickly turn tail and runs (again!). The infantry on the right continues across the bridge and inflects more losses on the 8th.
The light infantry attacks the frontiersmen, who hold their ground. The infantry on the right bridge get across in the face of the 8th's fire.
On the American left, the 8th tries to hold  back the British infantry. On the right, the frontiersmen finally eliminate the last of the light infantry while the 12th rallies (again!). The American artillery forces the Highlanders to retreat.
The 8th confronts the last of one British unit.....

....and finishes it off. However, a fresh unit is on the bridge.

With the artillery holding back the Highlanders and the 12th having rallied, the frontiersmen go to the support of the 8th.
The British Fusiliers close on the 8th.

The fusiliers overrun the 8th.
The frontiersmen and artillery try to drive the fusiliers back. The British general joins the other  infantry unit to give it  some motivation.
The British artillery inflect damage on the British battery. Meanwhile, the Highlanders push the 12th back again.
The British fusiliers suffer 50% causalities and are forced back. The 12th rallies again.

The 12th suffers their first losses, but this time holds fast.  The British artillery eliminates one of the American  guns.

The frontiersmen wipe out the fusiliers. The 12th start getting into the fight and kill one of the Highlanders.

The Infantry crossing the right bridge eliminate the frontiersmen. The Highlanders kill another  of the12th, who once again retreats. The Americans have lost 2/3 of their units. The first side to lose 2/3 loses the battle.

A closeup  of the Highlanders putting the 12th to flight. Not a good debut for the 12th!

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