Sunday, September 27, 2015

Peter Laing Wargame

      I have taken a couple of weeks off from the blog. Besides losing our dog, Donna and I lost two close friends to cancer and a family member started her battle against cancer.  Needless to say, it's been hard to get motivated. In the last couple of weeks I did get all my 1st generation AWI militiamen painted. My motivation for that was a book, THE MINUTE MEN by Major John R. Galvin, U.S.A.

      This week I was looking at my Peter Laing War of Spanish Succession figures. They are figures that I have wanted to do something with for a long time. In the past, I wanted to make two armies that I could use with HORSE & MUSKET 2.0 rules by Chris Salander. The armies would be for the French & Indian Wars. I ended painting  little British and French armies, both with 6 infantry units and gunners. Yesterday I fought a battle with them. I used the OHW army lists. For movement I used H&M 2.0; for combat BATTLE CRY rules.  I used my homemade activation dice marked 3,4,4,4,5,6 to decided how many units could be activated.
The French Army. Their skirmishers were home cast Peter Laing indians

The British army.

The French army move up on their right, trying to take the woods.

The indians hit one British unit.

The British hit back at the indians.

The British artillery causes 50% losses on one infantry unit. 

The French on the left forces back the British grenadiers.

The British cavalry forces back one French unit; the artillery hits the other French infantry.On the left the British force back the indians.

On the far left, the French infantry forces the cavalry back. The British grenadiers loses 50%. On the far right the British are in retreat. 

The French infantry continue to force the cavalry and grenadiers back.

The cavalry counterattacks and eliminates the French infantry unit.

The British push the French back across the entire front. The French gun,trying to get in better position, loses 50%.

The French counterattack eliminates 3 British units! The loss of one more will spell defeat for the British.

The British try a desperate gamble to win the day. The cavalry rounds the woods to attack the artillery; it also cuts off the line of retreat for the infantry in the woods.  The cavalry succeed in taking the battery. The British infantry attacks the woods and  kill one Frenchman and rolls one "retreat", killing another Frenchman.  The score is now; the French has lost 2 units to the British 3 units. The first side to lose 4 units loses the battle.

The French counterattack kills 2 out of 3 in the remaining British infantry unit. They are forced to retreat, along with the British artillery.

The French continue their pursuit.

The indians manage to kill the last of the British infantryman, and wins the battle for their French allies.

The end of the battle.


  1. John, I am sorry you have had such a run of bad news, unfortunately I know the feeling all too well myself. I can only say that reading your blog and others has helped me enormously by seeing how simple things like a game can help to lift the spirits.
    Please keep on blogging!

  2. I have been trying to get back to gaming. I do try to keep involved, even if I don't complete any one project. I do know what you mean about reading other blogs, there are several I check every day.