Sunday, August 30, 2015

BATTLE CRY Variant AWI Wargame

       In the last few weeks I was working on several projects at once. One was painting a unit of 1st generation AWI British light infantry. After completing them I decided to try out some modifications on  BATTLE CRY rules, these being for the AWI. I found this variant on line a couple of years ago but never tried them out. For this game I used randomly placed terrain features and then rolled for which side they would enter from.  The Americans had 7 units, all were militia. The British had five units; three regulars, one light unit and one of grenadiers.
From behind the British line. The light infantry on the left will try to take the woods to their front, the grenadiers on the right will try to seize the house in front of them.

The American militia. They will grab the woods on their left, and the house on the right.

The British fire kills one militiaman, and force another to retreat.

The militia kills one infantryman. On the left one militia unit takes up position behind a stone wall.

One militia unit is eliminated. Another unit is forced to retreat. With these rules, if a militia unit gets a "flag", they must roll another dice. If the dice comes up as an "infantry", the unit routs off the field, as in this picture.

The British divide the rebels into two parts. In the upper left it can be seen that two units are forced to retreat. One unit falls back one hex, another unit routs off the field. 

A closeup from the above picture. The British have eliminated another militia unit.

A militia unit drives the light infantry from the woods. However, it is unaware of the infantry closing in on it's right flank.

The British try to clear the militia from the woods on their right, with no success. At this point in the game the Americans had lost over 50%, which is when I would end the game.However, I did want to see how the militia rules worked out, so I used Bob Cordery's rule where after losing 50%, the  American units couldn't advance towards the enemy, but could still fight.

The militia behind the stonewall forces one unit to retreat. The militia unit on the right manages to  turn back the British flanking unit.

The overwhelming British attack on the right finally clears the woods of the militia.  Although forced to retreat, this militia unit was not routed. 
The light infantry rallies and enters the woods again. Between the light infantry fire and the regulars  hitting from the flank, this stubborn militia unit is finally wiped out. The American general orders a retreat.

Closeup of the light infantry entering the woods. I like the looks of the 1st generation Minifigs  when painted and given a coat of high gloss lacquer.

The grenadiers at the end of the battle.

I think these rule variants have lots of promise and I will have to give them a better trial at a later date.

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