Friday, August 7, 2015

New Books and Mold

My hunt for books on the British Army during the Victorian colonial period has brought some good books my way. I have received three in the last two days.

      I have also tried to make a mold of Peter Laing Sudanese Dervish infantry. The figures are poor at best. The weapons and arms wouldn't form properly. I suppose that with a little work they could be used for a battle or two. I must admit that I am growing frustrated with my lack of progress in mold making.


  1. I hope you enjoy the books. I haven't seen the first one,the middle one is very inspiring and interesting and I have bob's rules too. I hope you get some time this weekend to explore your books and perhaps have another go at the sepoy.

  2. The problem with my interest in the British colonial period is the only enemies I have a enough to oppose the British are Boers and Zulus. I have a fairly large selection of Peter Laing colonial Indians. I am toying with the idea of painting these up an opponent to the British, as an imagination army. I will work in the newly molded figures and see how the come out.

    1. With Peter Laings you should be able to get away with painting the sepoys white and calling them Baluchs or Mahrattas for earlier games or Afghan tribesmen.

    2. I was thinking of going through my Peter Laings to try to find figures from other periods that could be used as enemies. I have used Egyptian Marmalukes as Northern Frontier tribesmen. I have some Indian figures that I could mold and paint as you suggest.