Monday, August 3, 2015

A Question about the Modern British Army

       With my interest in the colonial British Army, I have been watching different videos on the British Army on Youtube. One in particular, "In the Highest Tradition" is a 6 part series on the different traditions within British regiments. It was first shown in 1989. I know that since then the British Army has reduced and consolidated many regiments. I was wondering what affect these changes have had on the various regiments and what traditions have vanished. Somewhere I heard the British Army described as not an army, but a gathering of different regiments. After watching these shows, I can't help but wonder what the loss of the different regiments has had on the morale of the army. By the way, my favorite scene in this series is in episode 5 where they show the "CO's memorandum"; if you watch the series keep an eye open for it.

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