Monday, March 2, 2015

Ram Everything Grey

     So said Austro-Hungarian Admiral Von Tegetthoff before the Battle of Lissa. The sea battle was fought between the Austro-Hungarian fleet and the Italian fleet off the island of Lissa during the Seven Weeks War.  It was the high point of the Austrian war effort.
    Among my newest purchases were some Figurehead 1/2400 models of ironclads of the Austro-Hungarian and Italian fleets. The models come with bellowing sails and bases. I decided not to use the sails (on another blog it was pointed out that in battle the sails would have been furled) and for now I will hold off on using the bases.

Italian Principe di Carignano class 

Re d'Italia class

The Italian flagship; Affondatore

Palestro class

Formidabile class

Regina Maria Pia class

Austro-Hungarian Drache class

 Kaiser Max class

Ferdinand class

I've started to paint the ships; grey for Italians and Black for Austro-Hungarian.

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