Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scots Found and a Wargame.

      Yesterday I woke up thinking that I had thrown out the Minifigs Scots and other AWI figures mentioned in an earlier post. When I got home from work, the plan was for a top to bottom search of my work area. A few minutes into the search, I came across the figures in 2 unmarked storage drawers. The seller had sent the figures in these drawers, which so happened to fit in the storage cabinets I have. Had I simply used my label maker to begin with, it would have saved two days of frustration.

     I took a day off from work to get some needed chores done. It took all morning but, besides having to wait for the plumber, I found time to get a wargame in. I had rolled the night before to pick which scenario from ONE HOUR WARGAMES would be used.

  The scenario was: Scenario 19: Blow from the Rear. The situation is the Red Army is defending two river crossing from numerically inferior Blue force. However, an additional Blue force arrives in the Red rear area. (In the book the blue is defending and red is attacking; the red army (British) seemed better suited for defense, having 6 infantry and 2 artillery units, while the blue  (French) had 4 infantry, 2 artillery and 2 cavalry units.)

Unfortunately I had trouble with the SD card and only got the first half of the game.
The British army south of the river, the French north. 3 British reinforcements  are at the lower right. They can move after the third move.

The French reinforcement off board. They will come on after the 4th move,  behind the British lines.

The French send a cavalry unit to seize the bridge until the grenadiers can move forward.

French light infantry try to seize the ford, against superior forces. A French battery is moving forward in support.

The British artillery drives the light infantry back. The British at the bridge tries to stop the cavalry.

The French light infantry counterattacks. The French battery forces one infantry unit to retreat. The cavalry  attacks the infantry holding the bridge, but they hold fast,regardless of losing 50% of their men.

The British manager to push back both French units at the ford.

The British reinforcements start forward. Two of the units are Brunswickers.

The French cavalry finally captures the bridge. However, the French general, frustrated by the stalemate at the bridge, ordered the grenadiers to reinforce the battle at the ford. They can be seen moving at the top of the picture.

The British finally eliminate the light infantry. This is the last picture of the action.  Right after this was taken, the French reinforcements came onto the board.  The British general waited a little too long to redeploy his forces to face this threat, instead trying to eliminate the French in front of him. He left the sole infantry unit in the woods (they can be seen in the first picture) to try to slow them down. They failed, and by the time he faced some of his infantry to counter this threat, it was too late. Both French cavalry units linked up and ran amuck behind the lines.  The French defeated each British unit in detail, as they were fed into the fight piecemeal. The British lost 4 units to the French 2.


  1. Glad you found the Scots - I thought I had lost a pile of Laings a while back till I realised I had put them in a separate box in the garage that has primed figures ready to paint

  2. So am I, there were four or five one of a kind that I might use for molds. It also gives me hope that I will find some Peter Laing Immortals that I have been looking for over a year.