Monday, March 23, 2015

Maniac Monday

It is now 9:00 at night. As soon as I got home from work, I was in my room working on my figures. I had to stop to cook dinner. As soon as that was over, my wife left to visit her mother in the nursing home. I was quickly back at it, working on a new idea. I started thinking if I could get some of my AWI minifigs painted, perhaps I could get my brother to fight a game or two, like the good old days ( my brother had a large army of Airfix AWI to fight my Airfix Napoleonics). And so I started painting some AWI figures. Of course, my newest purchase of AWI Scots cannot be found. And so I started going through all the boxes of figures I have, without success. And suddenly I heard my wife calling for me; it was already 8:30 and still had to get ready for work tomorrow. What makes it so bad is I don't want to stop painting!
Some of todays work.


  1. Its great to hear that you are on a roll when it comes to painting.I look forward to seeing this project continue to move forward and also hope you do manage a game or two with your brother.

  2. Today (Tuesday) I don't think much will get done. After work I want to take the car in for some tests, which will eat up the afternoon. However, hopefully tonight I can find those AWI Scots! My brother was big into Highlanders for his army. I traded some of my Airfix Napoleonic Highlanders to him for his war-game army. They were among his favorites.