Thursday, February 26, 2015

New 1st Generation Minifigs AWI Figures

      There were two lots of 1st generation Minifigs AWI figures on Ebay and I was lucky enough to get both lots at a very reasonable price. One lot was mainly Highlanders, with some cavalry. The other lot was mainly light infantry and militia figures that I already have; however there were some great new figures. These are the best of the lots.

This is the command strip of the Highlanders. There were three of these.

Most of the highlanders were these figures; highlanders in trews.

Unfortunately there were only a few figures with kilts.

There were enough of these light dragoons for a unit.

One great find was the highland grenadier; there was only one of these so he will be saved as a master for a mold. There was also a couple of the grenadier drummers.

This figure I have seen several times and finally I got one!

Another nice command figure.

Perhaps my favorite figure; the indian. Once again there was only one so he shall be saved for a mold master.  The drummer boy is another figure to be saved as a master.

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