Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Plus Side of being Distracted

       My last post I talked of being distracted. At first this bothered me, as no project was being completed.  However, while no one project was completed, several projects that I have been working on have seen some progress.   I painted enough 1st generation Minifigs Russian infantry for ONE HOUR WARGAMES. While sorting out cavalry for this project, a box of 1st generation Wurttemberg infantry was found. A unit of these and a unit of 1st generation Bavarians are now being worked on, along with enough Prussians for a OHW army. I also bought 1st generation Prussian Lancers on Ebay for this army. Some more Heroics & Ros have been primed to see how quickly they could be painted.  I also bought some new Caesar Miniatures fantasy figures; Lizard, Ratmen and Zombies for the Battlelore rules. Also, an order of Figurehead 1/2400 ironclads went out today. So in all there is progress all around.
The Russian infantry receiving their final touches. I am not detailing these as I normally do; no cross belts or hat cords. 

Closeup of finished figure, including a coat of high gloss lacquer.

These are unfinished examples of the 1st generation Prussians and Russians for my ONE HOUR WARGAME armies.

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