Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Distraction; 6mm Heroics & Ros

      The last couple of days I've painted a few of my 1st generation Minifigs Napoleonics, with the goal of using with ONE HOUR WARGAMES.  I started looking for pictures of 1st generation Minifigs online. While trying to find the Minifigs, I read about Minifigs 5mm blocks of figures. Having used 2mm Irregular blocks in the past, I went looking for some illustrations of the Minifigs blocks and found a few pictures of them. Now distracted from my original project, I found myself spending more time searching for the Minifigs blocks, with the goal of trying to get some.  Now before spending years on a crusade to find these figures,  I dug out some Heroics and Ros figures and realized that if I want to go this route, that Heroics And Ros would be the way to go.

Always looking for a way to war-game in small areas, the Heroics & Ros is a good choice. They still have quite a lot of detail for their size. The two infantry units I have been based to represent regiments using the different rules I use.


  1. John - love how the figures have come out, it is truly amazing what you can do with these 5mm figures, a good eye and a steady hand!
    I started painting a few H&R FPW Prussians years ago, but never finished them.
    I think I have some Napoleonic cavalry somewhere, I will dig them out as I owe you quite a parcel of stuff - amongst other things, Richard Black sent me a boxful of assorted 'strip' Minifigs 15mm for you

  2. Ian, I spent part of today painting a few H&R units to see how much work it is. A couple of hours and a pounding headache, I have the units mounted almost done. Just some final touchup.

    I have to do some research and figure out who was looking for some Dark Age figures. With all the Peter Laing Vikings and Normans I got, I have to get some of my parcels out myself.