Saturday, May 17, 2014

Toy Soldier Battle of Sow Creek

      In the last few weeks events have been going on that have limited my wargaming projects.  About all that was accomplished is some reading. I found online a pdf of "Tin Army of the Potomac", a book from the 1800s telling the story of the American Civil War and a child learning the history of the war by playing with toy soldiers. The soldiers as described in the book are of German manufacture from the late 1800s and the illustrations seem to show semi-flat figures in spiked helmets. This got me thinking of using my Peter Laing goose-stepping German with Battle Cry scenarios. I had found the scenario book from Battle Cry, only to lose it again! However, there are several sites online with various scenarios. At least the problem of coming up with scenarios have been solved for now.

     The Shiak Army now started the invasion of Brookshire.  It came as no surprise to the Brookshire Army and hd a large force drawn up behind Sow Creek, protecting the major rail junction there.
Shiak Army is on top of photo, Brookshire Army on bottom.

Another view from behind the Brookshire lines.

After first move the armies close.  Although using a Battle Cry scenario, I am using Bob Condrey's Memoir of Battle  rules so all units move. 

The Shiak Army hits the Brookshire left flank hard; it routs one infantry unit and quickly inflects heavy losses on the infantry on the ridge.

On the Brookshire left flank the Shiak Army tries to work around the flank.

The routed Brookshire unit rallies and hits the opposing infantry unit hard.  The Brookshire cavalry attacks the small hill occupied by the Shiak cavalry . The other Brookshire units on the ridge  need more target practice as they shoot high and misses the easy targets.

One Shiak unit attacked the Brookshire battery; the battery inflects 50% casualties on the unit and routs them.

The Brookshire right flank units push back the Shiak assault on that flank.

The Shiak cavalry counterattacks and causes 2/3% losses to one of the Brookshire cavalry units.

On the ridge line the Brookshire Army continues to suffer heavy losses but still holds on. Another Shiak infantry unit assaults the battery, led by General McCleen.

The Brookshire right flank is hit hard and the Volunteer Grenadiers lose 3/4 of their men, but still hold firm.

The Brookshire cavalry finally defeats the Shiak cavalry and the Brookshire infantry starts hitting the advancing Shiak infantry.

What's more the Brookshire guns score a major success when the kill General McCleen! The Shiak army now has lost their general.

The Brookshire right holds firm and the Grenadier Volunteers even manage to force one unit to retreat.

The Shiak artillery hits one of the Brookshire cavalry units who losses 2/3 and retreats.

The Shiak army routs the Brookshire artillery and overrun 3 Brookshire infantry units in the center.

The Grenadier Volunteers find themselves holding the right flank by themselves!

The Brookshire cavalry attacks the Shiak battery but cannot carry it.

The Grenadier Volunteers push another Shiak unit back.

The Shiak infantry finally captures the ridge.

The Shiak infantry attacks the battery again; the battery holds but General Johnstone is killed during the fight.

At this point the Brookshire Army has lost 8 units and is over the 6 units for defeat. The Shiak infantry on the right  circles the gallant Grenadier Volunteers and takes them prisoner.

The battlefield at the end.

The score at the end; the Brookshire capture on left and Shiak on right. A decisive victory for Shiak.

      This game was based on the First Bull Run. I am thinking of replaying it on a squared board instead using a set of variant rules for movement. The variant rules you roll so many dice to activate units. However such rules will mean a longer game. I was tight for time on this game so I used Bob Corderys Memoir of Battle rules, which makes for a fast and furious game!

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