Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little Wars Regiment

      The last post got me thinking of forming my Airfix Civil War figures into regiments again. I had done so before and the last wargame that  I fought against my brother consisted of 6 regiments of Airfix Confederates (who won the battle, by the way).

      I am thinking of forming 13 man regiments; one officer, two NCOs and ten privates. To make movement easier in games where figures are individually based, I have an officer on one flank and that figure moves; all other figures dress on the officer figure. With Little Wars, there is a chance the officer will be killed (as was seen in the last game), so the regiment would then dress on one of the NCOs.
What a proposed regiment would look like. The two soldiers at attention are the NCOs.

After the last battle against my brother, I was going to redo my army with the victorious regiments wearing the above uniforms. I did up a couple of the regiments, but they have since disbanded.

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