Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Size DOES Matter

     After my vacation in Maryland I found myself thinking of different conflicts since I graduated from high school, especially the Falklands War and the bush wars in Africa. What's more inThe Stronghold Rebuilt there is a Memoir 44 scenario for the Falklands War. This got me looking for15mm figures for this period, especially British and Argentine forces. I started with Peter Pig, QRF Miniatures, and MJ Figures (who have a line of Falkland War figures). After ordering some of the figures from each company it became obvious that the figures aren't very compatible, as can be seen by the photos.

left to right; Peter Laing, Peter Pig, QRF, QRF Selous Scout figure, MJ Figures, 1/72 Matchbox.

The Peter Laing is a Chasseur d' Alpin figure painted as a modern figure.

While it has nothing to do with toy soldiers, finally after 30 years of wanting one, I bought a genuine British DPM smock. Usually when I do find them for sale they are too small.  I came across a website that had new smocks that were the right size!  


  1. I hadn't realised before that Peter Pig were so close in size to Laings. I will have to see if there are any figures that I could add into my PL armies.
    If you are doing something on the Falklands, do you have the old Mil Mod series that covered the war? I remember the war well, especially since I met some of the crew of HMS Conqueror, the sub that sank the Belgrano just after the end of the war

  2. Ian, no I don't have that series as I only have a couple of Mil Mod Mag. As you can see I added an old Matchbox plastic, as I came across a great site where plastic figures are used in interesting ways. It is another distraction but still plays into the possible Falklands battle.

  3. I will find the articles and scan them for you. I saw your other post about the plastics site and I am just about to have a look

  4. Ian, I look forward to those articles.