Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Britain's Herald Recruits

In the last couple of weeks I got two good sized lots of Britain's Herald Guards infantry and cavalry.  The lots slipped by other buyers, but after that I missed out on three other lots, which the prices started to go out of control.
The 42 Guards infantry from one of the lots.

13 Guards cavalry from the other lot. I missed out on two other lots of cavalry.

These figures I had already. As a kid I never used prone figures when I played.  As I start thinking of using figures outside, these figures make a lot of sense as they don't fall over. There is something about these Guards figures, in their dress uniforms with their SLR rifles  in a combat pose that just really appeal to me.


  1. Splendid purchases indeed. Do you know the Funny Little Wars rules by Paul Wright?
    They are just what you need for outside gaming in the tradition of H G Wells.

  2. I still haven't really done my homework on them, although I thought I read somewhere that it is taking H.G. Wells "kreigspiel" rules from the back of "Little Wars" and putting them to use. Also, I'm afraid an outside game may turn into a Godzilla scenario if my dog is outside!