Thursday, February 20, 2014

Peter Laing Homecasts Painted Toy Soldier Style

He's a couple of closeups of my home cast Peter Laing painted with high gloss enamels. As can be seen, some rifles are not complete and definitely not commercial grade figures.

The Austrians were cast from painted figures, meaning even less detail. Peter Laing originals have very small bases. When making molds the masters are mounted on washers, cutting out the extra step of mounting figures on stands and reducing breakage, as the pouring spout is at the base of the figures and need to be cut off.

While painting the Goosestepping Germans an idea popped into my mind of a "Toy Soldier" wargame, where both sides use the same figures. In the late 1800's the German toy soldier manufacturers often used their German figures with  spiked helmets as British soldiers or American soldiers, as both nations were also using a variant of spiked helmets. I can picture another army using American militia uniforms, and in fact I have poured some extra figures to paint up as such. Some ideas for uniforms can be seen on pervious posts under "militia".


  1. I particularly like the Germans marching.All figures painted well though.

  2. The German mold is one of my newest combining several ideas not used with the other molds. Not where I want to be with the molds yet but getting there.