Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Shots of Pre-Dreadnoughts

Here are more photos of the pre-dreadnought warships with a ruler in the background for scale.
This ship looks to be flying the British Ensign. Looking at Janes 1906-1907, this ship could be used for  Queen, London, Formidable, Duncan or Canopus Class battleship. It could also pass for the Eclipse class cruiser.

This ship is flying the French flag. This one could pass for Jurien De La Graviere,  Aube,  Montcalm, Desaix, and Guichen battleship.

This ship seems to be flying the imperial Russian ensign, although the cross is in green instead of blue.

Although not flying an ensign, this appears to be a German Von Bulow or Roon class armored cruiser. Although the photo doesn't show it too well, this ship has quite a lot of detail of it's casements.

This ship seems to be flying the German ensign, but doesn't resemble any German warships in Janes. It could pass for several British armored cruisers.

Another ship flying the British ensign.  This could pass for several  battleships or cruisers.

This could be used as a cruiser for many nations.

Russian fleet steaming into battle.

This one is painted in the style of the United States fleet peacetime.  Once again it could pass for ships in several fleets.

Of course, my statements about what the ships might represent is just my opinion. In the end when they see action it will be in  fictional combat between imaginations.


  1. John - I love these - I have never seen anything like them before!

  2. Ian, These are one of those lucky fines. Now another thing for me to look for.

  3. Nice find ! Interesting that they all seem to cast to a consistent scale except for the three "Russians", yet stylistically they appear to be a match.

    You could be a long time searching for more but they look simple enough to replicate. Any plans to refurbish the paint jobs and broken masts ?


  4. Steve, It looks like most of them have been repainted. I think if I do anything it might be casting new models and keeping the originals as they are now. There seems to be little damage to them, except one did have the flag broken off when they came in.
    Regards, John