Friday, February 7, 2014

New Peter Laing Homecasts

As mentioned in an earlier posting, Ian Dury forwarded some Peter Laing Aztecs. My intention was to make molds of them. In fact, I made one mold before getting distracted. While on Youtube, I found a video of the Chilian army on parade. If one wants to see what the Imperial German army must have looked like on parade, look up "Radetzky March Military Parade 2013".  After watching this video and coming across some of the Peter Laing marching Germans from the Victorian Parade line while labeling, I found myself making a new mold of them.  The results is much more successful than the first mold.
A tray of newly cast figures.

Snipping off the pouring spout.

Filing off the excess from the spout.

Future toy soldiers.

Recruits awaiting white base coat. I originally planned to use the APW Austrians for American Civil War militia.

The first figures with their base coat. The others are waiting to be prepped.


  1. John - I think your handcasts are starting to look really good - the Prussians in particular look spot on!
    Keep up the great work

  2. I've just about doubled the rubber used in that mold; hopefully making them firmer so the clamps won't distort them while pouring the metal. Also, instead of cutting in the air vents after, wire is used to create the vents as the molds are being made. Just about all the figures came out. Hopefully this is the way to go.