Thursday, February 13, 2014

Homecast Plans

By using more rubber in each molds, it seems the success rate of figures have gone up considerably. I believe by making heavier molds, they contort less when clamps are applied. It also helps that the masters used have been stockier than some other figures used.
I have been planning to mold only figures when needed for a project. However, it is hard to pass unmaking molds of figures such as the Aztecs Ian Dury sent. Even if there is no immediate plans to use them, the opportunity to having the mold on hand is hard to pass up.
Aztec warrior. Homecast on right (obviously!)
French Chasseur d/Afrique

As mentioned in an earlier post, I talked of painting my Peter Laing in a high gloss toy soldier style.  Looking through my home casts,  I am now considering redoing all the Victorian Parade molds. Some of these mold have been made twice.   Also I want to go through the molds already made, and dispose of any that  don't produce figures or could be made useful with air vents added.

British infantry with spiked helmet (Victorian Parade figures).   Figure on right was mold before being worked on. Notice gap between rifle and hand.  Figure on left after work on mold, filling in gap.


  1. John - I think those have come up really well. I look forward to seeing some painted

  2. Ian, I've been painting up the Victorian Parade figures toy soldier style; I will try to take a break and slap some paint on the Aztecs. John