Thursday, April 11, 2013

15mm Peter Laing Ancient Elephant and Camel Lancer

The last couple of weeks I've been a little under the weather and by the time I'm done with work I haven't have much energy to work on my hobbies. I have been reviewing my blog and how I could improve it.  The photographs needs work. I have been using a cheap camera. So I dug out a HD camera my brother gave me. Below are a few shots taken with it. Next project; lighting!

I also was checking out the most viewed blog posting and find the ones with Peter Laing in the title have the most hits. This leads me to believe what interest in this blog is are the figures themselves, so I will spend more time trying to document PL figures. However I don't claim to be any expert on Peter Laing figures. And so I figure I'll start with two of my favorite figures; an ancient armored elephant and armored camel lancer.  I will continue to work on my photography and try to get better shots shortly.

Molly bored with the whole thing

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