Sunday, March 24, 2013

15mm First Generation Napoleonics

While at work recently I  suddenly got the urge to pull out my old 1st generation 15mm Minifigs Napoleonics. They were my first metal toy soldiers.  Over the last couple of years I've bought small lots of more Minifigs and traded for a very large lot of Russian Napoleonics. I also have been thinking of changing up my games. While I still used Bob Corderys rules, I put aside my Heroscape board and went back to using a squared off board. 

French Army approaches from the top of the picture; Russian from the bottom.

Both sides advance.

The French continue to advance,  the Russians take up defensive positions.  French are on left, Russian on right.

The Russian artillery takes out 3/4 of one infantry regiment, the leftmost Russian cavalry hits the right hand French infantry regiment, causing 50% losses and the rest retreat.  On the Russian right 2 cavalry regiments force the French to pull back to defend the flank.

The Russians continue to pressure both flanks.

The French on the right flank breaks the cavalry regiment harassing it, making it fall back to the farm. On the left flank both Russian cavalry start losing men. Napoleon (on white horse)  falls back and forms up the army in a new line.

The right flank Russian cavalry continues to keep up the pressure. Meanwhile, the Russian infantry which has been holding back starts forward. The leftmost Russian infantry regiment breaks the French battery to it's front.

The French now start inflecting causalities to the Russian infantry; however the Russians press on.

The Russian continue to smash the French line. One cavalry regiment breaks the French regiment endangering Napoleon himself! 

Any other general would call it quits; however, seeing the losses the Russians are suffering convinces Napoleon to keep up the fight.

The French push back the Russians. Napoleon is sure the Russians will now break off the attack.

He is wrong; the Russian come on again. The Russians left cavalry breaks the French regiment at it's front. The infantry eliminates the French battery in the center.  The Russian battery brings the French regiment guarding Napoleon under fire.

At this point Napoleon decides that now is the time to call it a day.

This was a fun battle. I didn't use Bob Cordery's rule that when one force suffers so many losses it has to stop advancing.  One rule I've used before is once one side has a 2:1 advantage, the other side has lost the battle.



  1. My first metal figures were a few Hinchcliffe 25mm ECW (in 1972!) - followed by a pack of 20mm Les Higgins Marlburians.
    I still have those figures - but then I still have the first pack of Airfix "Infantry Combat Group" that my grandmother bought me in about 1968.....

  2. Actually, the set that got me really going on toy soldiers was the 1st generation Airfix Afrika Korps. I still prefer the 1st generation Airfix figures.