Friday, March 15, 2013

Blue Army's advance after Brooks Farm

The Blue Army, after their victory at Brooks Farm, continued their advance into Red's territory.  It now turned into a punitive expedition with the goal of extorting payment for the losses suffered. Unfortunately, the wagon train got lost (literally; I misplaced my covered wagon models) and so they would have to settle for what could be carried by mule train.

The Blue Army approaches from the left, with 4 infantry cos,  2 batteries and 1 cavalry troop. Red from the right with 5 infantry cos, 1 battery and 1 cavalry troop.

The approach.

Blue forces enter the town first.

The Red cavalry breaks Blue's cavalry. Behind the town they inflect 50% losses on one Blue co.

Blue's cavalry rallies, hits Red cavalry hard taking 1/3 of it. The Red infantry company going down the towns main street is wiped out by crossfire coming from the building and the leftmost Blue infantry co.

Red tries to break the infantry company between the artillery and town, without success. Blue holds fast.

Blue attacks all along the line causing heavy causalities. Notice the mule train being brought up.

The Red Army has suffered enough and cannot be rallied.  Red's cavalry  acts as rearguard.

I have been going through old magazines looking for ideas for campaign wargaming.  I have several possible ways to go.

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