Friday, March 15, 2013

Higgins Armory Museum Closing

     This week I learned that my favorite museum, the John Woodman Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts was closing their doors after 82 years. The collection of 2000 pieces of armor, which belonged to a local industrialist John Higgins, first opened in 1931 in a custom built art deco building, which was used to house the collection and offices of his factories.
   As a child my parents made it a point to take us to local attractions. The "Armor Museum" as we would call it, was my favorite.  I still remember fondly the anticipation of the first glimpse of the Armory, which has a large suit of armor on the roof.

My brother Mike's favorite piece in the museum.

One of my favorites, a knight preying in a castle chapel.

Probably the most famous and popular suit in the collection.  Just about any article  I've seen shows this suit.

Molly dreaming: "If I could only get that suit I could rule the neighborhood!"
   The good news is that the collection is going to stay in Worcester, where it will be housed sat the Worcester Art Museum. I only hope the the building itself will last.

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