Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More on Making Peter Laing Molds

One of my first posts I talked about making molds using Peter Laing figures. I have started a new batch of molds using some new ideas from the last batch. The first four molds seem to be a success. I don't advocate making copies when you can buy them. I would love to be able to buy Peter Laings and make molds as a last resort. I would love to see whoever owns the original molds go back into production.
First step I rolled out clay. I made 2 mold forms and pressed them in the clay so I know  where the figures will be placed. I then put the pouring cone roughly in place. Then the figure is put in. Try to imagine where the seem on the figure would be. I used some solder to make air vents. Then using  the end of a paint brush, make a couple of keys to lock the molds in place when casting.

I use Aeromarine 125 silicone rubber for my molds. It is a great product. It uses a 1 to 1 mix ratio, which is great as I am terrible at figuring out the proper measures. It  can tolerate a temperature of 500 degrees. The drawback is once it is mixed you have 15 minutes to work it. Also, once open it has a 60 day shelf life.  Still, at $5.00 a mold, it is a good buy.

For the molds I make, one tablespoon and one teaspoon of each parts is enough  to create half  a mold.

Paint a little layer over the figures and work it around the figures so as to eliminate air bubbles. 

Once satisfied that the air bubbles have been worked out, pour the rubber until the mold is filled halfway.

The molds at the halfway mark. Another good thing about this rubber is it has a quick set time. I will usually give the molds at least 8 hours to cure. Tomorrow I will try to finish them.

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