Monday, April 15, 2013

15mm Minifigs 1st Generation American Revolutionary War Figures

 As I've said in past posts, one of my interests is in Minifigs 15mm 1st generation Napoleonic. I also recently bought a lot of 2nd generation SYW Minifigs. In the lot was a set of 1st generation SYW artillerymen. Now I found myself interested in SYW 1st generation Minifigs!

My brother and I used to fight what we called war-games in our youth, my army was Airfix Napoleonics, his Airfix AWI.  I sometimes wished I had gone with the AWI figures; maybe it would have sparked my brother's interest in wargaming.  The period is interesting to me because you have the British army with their regimented and colorful uniforms, and the rebels, with their diverse uniforms. Also the fact that the first battles were fought in my home state makes it more interesting for me. With Charles Grant and Peter Young using the SYW as the basis for their war-games, it's a small leap to use AWI as a basis for an imaginary war.

So image my excitement when I saw a lot of 1st generation AWI on Ebay; a total of 9 different sets with over 180 figures! I won the lot and was more than excited when they came in. As my units are usually based along the line of Battle Cry; 4 men infantry units, 3 men cavalry units, and 2 gun artillery units.

T-1  British regular infantry?

T-1 close up of back of figures

T-2 British Grenadiers

T-2 British Grenadiers back

T-3 British light infantry?

 T-3 British light infantry back

T-10 British light Dragoons

T-10 British light dragoons

T-14 American light infantry

T-14 American light infantry
T-15 frontiersmen

T-15 Frontiersmen

T-17 Militia

T-17 Militia
T-18 American Light Dragoond

T-18 American Light Dragoons

T-13 Regulars

T-13 Regulars

I am no expert on Minifigs and have no access to  catalog and my descriptions is based on the uniforms. If I'm wrong with any of the above please feel free to correct me

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