Sunday, June 1, 2014

Battle of Port Stanley

As mentioned in an earlier posting, I came across a Memoir 44 scenario on the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands at The Stronghold Rebuilt and have been wanting to play it. The 15mm figures that were purchased for this game went unused; Atlantic 1/72 modern figures took their place.  Instead of using the movement cards,  used a variant where I rolled to see which troops could move. I usually don't use the grenade for the extra kill, as it makes for a bloody game. For movement I wouldn't use it  either.  If the star came up the side rolling could move one of their elite units.
At the left of the picture, the research station held by Royal Marines; the center Port Stanley held by two units of the Falkland Defense Force; on the right the government house held by Royal Marines.  The two units at the top are Argentine commandos moving onto Port Stanley after their raid on the empty Marine barracks at Moody Brook.

Five units of Argentine Marines moving onto the research station.

The Argentine commandos start inflecting losses on the RMs at Government House  and  push back one FDF unit in Port Stanley.

The FDF counterattack and push the commandos back.

In this game both sides need 4 victory points to win. If the Argentine forces can capture and hold Government House and Port Stanley, as each one is worth 1 victory point, the commandos try to capture both before their Argentine Marines come up.

Another shot of the action in Port Stanley.

The commando attack on Government House presses forward, and the commandos in Port Stanley  are having so luck with their fight against the FDF.

The commandos, hit from both side by the FDF, suffers heavy losses and are force back. Where are the Marines? 

The commando unit pushed out of Port Stanley decides to attack the research station and try to link with the Marines. The RMs weren't expecting to be hit from behind. The first marine force can be seen advancing in the top of the picture.

The Commandos finally capture Government house.

The RMs recapture the research station.

The commandos cut down the last RM from Government house. The now have two victory points.

At the same time, the RMs in the research station exact some revenge by eliminating the Argentinian comma do unit. Where is the Argentine Marines? It seem every time I rolled for Argentina, they got everything but the "infantry" symbol!

Now the FDF makes a mistake. They move forward to take the commandos at Government House under fire.

The commandos push forward, cutting the FDF off from Port Stanley, the FDF taking heavy losses.

The commandos now enter Port Stanley.

The RMs attack out of the research station to hit the advancing Argentine Marines.

The Argentine Marines hit the RM unit and pushes it back, away from the research station.

The RMs move back into the research station and push back the Argie Marines.

The Argentine Marines counter attack and captures the research station.

The commandos eliminate the last of the FDF in Port Stanley. At this point the Argentine forces have their 4 victory points, but the British still have their move.  If the FDF unit moves forward to Government House and recaptures it, the Argentinians will lose that victory point.

Hindsight is 20/20; the FDF attacks the commandos in Port Stanley instead!  Their attack fails. At this point the game should be over, however I forgot what the victory conditions were and kept playing. What happened after this point is then moot, but I will show what happened after.

The typical Argentine roll; nothing useful at all!

The FDF keeps attacking.

The Argentines move forward.

Another Argentine roll!

The commando unit finally get rid of the last of the pesky FDF and wins the game! AGAIN!

The Argentine Marines cheer their victory, especially the three units that never got to move!
As can be seen, if I was going to play this scenario it would need a little tweaking.

One thing about this scenario was that I found out about the Falkland Defense Force, which I had never heard of before. As my very limited military experience (one year in the Massachusetts State Guard), I needless to say have a great interest in such defense forces. Of course, in reality from what I read only about 40 out of 100 men from the FDF showed up for the battle; although several ex members played a part in the liberation of the Falklands.


  1. Simple yet attractive and effective combo of figures and board.

    1. I would have liked to have used my Heroscape terrain, but was rushed to get the game played. It was fun using the old Atlantic figures; they were among my favorites as a kid.

  2. Great to see the scenario being played out. Difficult to do with the unit type dice, though, as the scenario only featured infantry; a mechanism like that tends to assume that there are mixed types of troops.

    Did you use the rule that the Argentinian marine units can move two and battle until they take a casualty?

    1. As a solo game, using the dice adds uncertainty to the plans. If I was to play this again, I would use the grenade as a unit move and still use the star to activate only elite units.

      I did use the Argentine Marine move two and battle; if I didn't I think the marines would have never fired a shot during the game. I missed the part where they lost the move two and shoot if they suffer a casualty; fortunately it never came up in this game.

  3. Love the game. I still remember watching all the broadcasts of the war 'as it happened' and this has prompted me to dig out the series on it in my old Military Modellings

  4. I, too, remember the broadcasts of the war. Certainly it made me understand the reality of true warfare.