Sunday, June 23, 2013

German Uniform Cigarette Cards

With my last couple of posting of militia uniform cigarette cards, I heard from Ian Dury that he has a book of German cigarette cards and was willing to share photographs of the uniforms with me.  Of course I would love to see them. The cards I have are Kinney Cigarette cards that were published in the USA. While my main interest in the Kinney cards are militia uniforms, I have gotten some of the foreign uniform cards they published, including 4 from the German Empire. I though I would post them to show Kinneys version of European uniforms.


  1. Love the pictures - the first set from my Waldorf Astoria cards will be on the way in a few minutes.
    They are long out of copyright, so please feel free to add them to your blog

  2. Ian, thank you for the pictures; I'll have to work to get them on the blog. I might have to edit this posting, as I cut the spikes off both the helmets!