Sunday, November 28, 2021

Future Plans

     My last post mentioned about holding up on my Tin Army of the Potomac painting. The cause for the change of plans was I had ordered a large lot of semi flat Russian infantry. As I started to paint the figures for the TAotP, several posts brought up the fact that it was the anniversary of the battle of Balaclava and the Charge of the Light Brigade.  This encouraged me watch the 1968 version of "The Charge of the Light Brigade" and reread "The Reason Why". About this time the dealer that I had bought my last couple of lots of semi flats sent me an offer of the lot of marching Russian semi flats. It was a good deal, so I bought the lot, and received them recently. 

   I was hoping to post some photos of them, but once again glitches in my computers and cameras isn't letting me download the photos.  Hopefully I can resolve the problem soon; they are nice figures that I want to show off.


  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully I can figure what's going wrong with downloading pictures.

  2. Like Tradgardmastre said, we look forward to seeing them when you have sorted your camera. Charge!

    1. Hopefully tonight I can work on the camera tonight. I was really happy with the purchase, I want to show them off.

  3. As the Gentlemen above, I am also looking forward to seeing the figures.

  4. I think my good card reader has gone missing. I will haave to try to track int down.