Saturday, May 23, 2020

One Hour Wargame with Toy Soldiers

        After my last couple of wargames, I found myself thinking of new ways to use these figures. The idea popped in my mind of using One Hour Wargames rules. Instead of using a roster system or markers to show hits, I decided to use 15 man units so for each hit, one man would go down.   One difference is that for every 5 men lost in a unit, they would roll to see if they held or retreated. First five men, if they rolled 1 or 2, they would retreat. 10 men down;  a roll 1 to 4 would make them retreat.

      The scenario would be #1; but because of the unit size, I decided to use 4 units instead of 6. At first I was going to play it "I go-you go" but playing solo it made the game too predictable, so half way through the game I  rolled for initiative.

The game let me use figures that hadn't been used before. While it was good to get a game in,  I don't think  using the figures this way will work.


  1. I have added morale rules to games when playing OHW rules too. Games can end up at Turn 15 with 3 men remaining still fighting! Probably ok for a Fantasy game but otherwise it doesn't seem quite right!

    1. At least for solo games, I believe there has to be a built in retreat rule, otherwise the game just becomes who can kill more. I agree with your comments on OHW. Back to the drawing board!

  2. Excellent last game(?) in this 'series' John.

  3. Thank you, although I might be playing another game with different rules.