Saturday, January 28, 2017

Three Wargames

      I got up with my wife today with the goal of getting all my work done early so I could get some gaming in. By 2:00 all the work was done and the dog had an hour and a half of playtime outside, so I still had a couple of hours for wargaming. My main goal was to get a trial ancients game in using the armies in Neil Thomas' Ancient and Medieval Wargaming book. I started basing some Peter Laing Carthaginians to use with these armies. I got in two games, one ancients and one Napoleonic. After these two games I still had time and decided to squeeze in one more game. For this game I diced for where terrain would be located. I also was trying to decide what figures to use. I chose my home cast Victorian Parade goose-stepping Prussians, which I use for my Shiak-Brookshire imagination games.

    Out of the three games, the third was the most enjoyable.  These figures need to be used more.

The Carthaginians are on the left, the Romans on the right. 

The Carthaginian elephants crash into the Roman line.

The Shiak army (in blue) on the left, the Brookshire army (in grey) on the right.

The Brookshire army approaches cautiously, fearing the Shiak artillery. The Shiak army advances in line.

The Brookshire sends two units to try to circle around the Shiak left.

The Shiak artillery fire drives back one Brookshire unit.

The Brookshire counterattack and kills one artillerymen. Barnaby's Rifles join the attack.

The Shiak troops close on the hill...

..but are driven back. The other Shiak artilleryman is killed by Barnaby's  Rifles  and the battery overrun.

Shiak infantry capture the hill, only to be driven off.

The Brookshire infantry turns the Shiak left flank.

The Brookshire cavalry  defeats the Shiak cavalry.

The Shiak army beats a hasty retreat.


  1. Every time I see these figures it makes me glad I was able to share those original Parade Range figures with you

  2. I must admit that of the Peter Laing Victorian Parade figures, the Prussian figures are my favorite. They have a good toy soldier look to them, but when in mass, they look great.