Tuesday, August 13, 2013

20mm The Complete Brigadier

          Like many war gamers, I tend to buy more figures than I ever use. I get a great idea for a project, go whole hog researching the wars and figures that cover that period. After buying samples from different companies, I'll decide which figures I like the most and then buy the needed forces.  Usually I'll be motivated to paint the armies, start planning the battles and find the rules to use. If I'm lucky I might get a couple of games in. In the meantime, while looking through the different lines of soldiers, I'll see figures than plant the seeds for my next project.  So now I have thousands of toy soldiers, the majority I have never used.

     Among the figures that I never used was 20mm Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated, LLP. Yes, that's the name of the company! The figures are manufactured to be used with their rules, called "The Complete Brigadier". The figures are based on early American wars, from the French and Indian War to the War of 1812.  They even have a line of Wayne's Legion.

    When you buy the rules, you get a good boxed set with two books, one an introduction to wargaming and the second, the "Complete Brigadier" rules for battles.  The books are nicely illustrated, with delightful drawing a'la "Little Wars" in the columns.

     The figures themselves come in boxed sets. The infantry sets are enough for a regiment using their rules. You get two officers, two flag bearers, two drummers, and 18 privates.  You also get stands to mount the figures on. As for cavalry, you get six horses, six riders, and six dismounted. For artillery, you get two guns, two limbers, and two horses. Artillerymen are separate. They also have pontoon wagons and supply wagons.

  I bought three different sets; Prussian Grenadiers, Prussian Fusiliers, and War of 1812 Militia.  Below are some samples of them. I had painted the Militia regiment and figured they would be good to show what they look like. Unfortunately, being militia, they must have gone home, as I can only find one flag bearer!
The Prussian Grenadiers, with a Hinton Hunt Pavlov officer for scale.

Prussian Fusilier officer, War of 1812 Militia flag bearer and Prussian Fusilier Flag bearer.

Airfix grenadier with figures for scale.

One of the boxes the figures came in.

The Complete Brigadier: Introduction to Wargaming.

The Complete Brigadier: Rules for Battles.
         I am wondering if these figures are still available. The only way was through the mail. There is no  website for the company itself.  For several years one of my interests was the War of 1812. I am starting to think that I would love to get some of their figures from this period.


  1. You could try contacting this guy if you are still interested.


  2. Thank you for that. After writing this I looked up the company online; still no website but still at the same address. Right now I have been trying to get rid of thousands of plastics I have to made room for the lead I've bought in the last couple of years. They are very nice figures of a overlooked period of history.

  3. The company is in business and they still offer the rules. You have to write to them and placed your order via the mail.