Friday, August 23, 2013

20mm Aylmer Miniploms

My last couple of posts about 20mm figures started me looking at Ebay for figures of this scale. Among  the figures were several sets of Aylmer Miniploms. They come 4 to a base. They seem to originally come in little display cases.  The two sets I got are missing the plastic display case.   The photos I saw are closeups that make the figures look really cheap. However, when looking at them without magnification, they are quite handsome figures. They are metal that have been hand painted.  I paid $7.00 for each set I got, which after getting them I feel is a good price. My original plan for these were to take them off their base to use the for molds; after getting them I have decided against that.


  1. John - I think those figures are great - remind me of the very original small scruby figures I have seen pictures of. I think you got a really good price as there are groups of the infantry figures on e-Bay for four timew what you paid!

  2. Ian- I was really looking for infantry figures but as you mention, the prices were too much for me. I must admit, I will be keeping my eyes open for them. John