Friday, May 10, 2013

Heroscape Civil War battle with 10mm Old Glory Figures

When I first got back into wargaming and was looking for different ideas, I bought a lot of Old Glory 10mm figures. I must admit that I really like the strips of infantry. And when I bought Avalon Hill's Battle Cry game, it seemed that it might be a good match. And then Heroscape came along and it seemed perfect to use with Battle Cry.  However I've only combined them a couple of times. 
I haven't got a war-game in for a while so I decided to have a go at it. After all, for a solo war gamer Battle Cry is great as the scenarios are given with troop deployment, terrain and victory conditions spelled out for you. I decided to use Memoir of Battle by Bob Condrey for the rules. I couldn't find my rulebook for Battle Cry; however I did have an additional scenario supplement that came with the game. I used the Battle of McDowell, May 8,1862.

Part of the scenario for the Battle of Mc Dowell
The set up for the battle.  I still haven't figured out how to have woods that will work with the miniatures, so I just marked those hexes with chalk.

The Armies deployed; Union on top and Confederates on bottom.

Although the Union forces were well positioned for a defensive battle, according to the pamphlet
the Union general launched an attack on the center hill, and so attack they did.

One Union regiment loses one base and is thrown back.

The fighting is brisk in the center and the Union forces manage to take out 3 Confederate bases.

The Union forces start taking heavy losses in the center; the Rebel forces on the right flank start working to hit the weak Union forces on that side.

On the Union right, the 3 Union regiments try to take the ridge line, while the artillery and one regiment try to delay the strong advance on that flank.

The Union forces continue to take heavy losses as the Rebels consolidate their line. The Union center is almost wiped out at this point.

The Union forces manage to check the Confederate attack momentarily. The Union right actually pushes on regiment off the ridge, keeping alive the hope to turn the Rebs left flank.

The Rebel superior numbers are now apparent and the Union line is now being pushed back at all points.

A close up of the Confederate left flank as they mount their final assault.

A shot of the Confederate right flank in the same move. The Rebs kept rolling "retreat" rolls instead of kill rolls. At the end of the game they had only eliminated 2 Union units as opposed to their loss of 1.  The victory conditions for this game according to the rules were the loss of 5 units secured victory. It was an obvious Confederate victory as they held the field.

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