Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garden Wargaming with 30mm SAE Figures

With warmer weather coming I found myself thinking about how to get more wargaming in. SomehowI just haven't had the time to get games in. On my day off by the time I run my errants, do the required work around the house and getting the dog out, the day is done  and my wife is home. Now
I always feel guilty because I don't get my dog out as much as she should. Last week as I was sitting out in the yard and Molly was enjoying the fresh air, I started thinking of playing with Airfix figures in the yard when I was a kid. With "little Wars" in mind, I was trying to figure what toy soldiers I could use. Now Airfix was fine as a kid, but even based they are still pretty tipsy. I wanted to use metal figures for their weight. While considering which scale to use, 40mm or 54mm, some SAE 30mm British Guards figures purchased several years ago caught my eye. I grabbed a few of them and brought the outside. The size of the bases seemed to work fine. But I only had 8 of the figures. I went on Ebay and found a good size lot of SAE 30mm Civil War figures at a good price.  The figures has seen many campaigns and most of the rifles are broken and some will need repairs, but for what I want them for they will do.

Today was a beautiful day and Molly was itching to get out. When I got home from work the package of figures were in the mail. I grabbed a handful of the figures, some dice and made a quick measure stick.  Using basic rules, as Molly laid in the sun, I started playing with the figures.  While it was just to see if the figures would work, I found not only did they work, but I was having more fun than I should have for the time invested in the setup.  I fought 2 skirmishes, the Union won the first; Confederates the second.  I even decided to snap a couple of shots of the action.
The Yankees manage to cut 2 Rebels off from the rest; discretion being the better part of valor, the Rebs surrender.

The Rebels advance on Yankees hiding behind a clump of grass in the middle distance.

The Yankees face a Confederate attack.

The Yankees find themselves facing superior numbers. This photo was taken right before the Yankees broke and ran.

The battle is over and 2 soldiers prepare their rations. In the background the cavalry heads out for picket duty. This nice little grouping was with the lot. Unfortunately, all the cavalry figures were broken off their bases.
A Union scout finds some ideal high ground.

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