Saturday, December 1, 2012

The reason why

Why  am I making this blog? Simply so I can stop boring people w who have absolutely no interest in my hobby, mainly my family. When I bring up what my newest project is, they humor me by listening, when they could really care less about 15mm Peter Laings, my newest Ebay find, or some fact of a little known war. First clue is the glazing of the eyes.

But the final straw was when I found myself going endlessly on in emails to someone I  know only from trading figures about my newest project. He graciously answered my emails and by his response actually read them. I think that he might want to use his time in another way, hence this blog.

For now on I'll try to keep emails to the business at hand, and family gathering in catching up to what's going on with my family's lives. If anyone acts like the want to know what's new with my hobby, I shall direct them to this blog.

I can now tell millions about my hobby; maybe someone will actually be interested.

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